The Technology behind HelpDesk Pro

Ours is not simply a 'Web-enabled' interface 'bolted-on' to a second or even third generation software package - HelpDesk Pro is designed and built from the ground up utilizing 100% Web-based 4th generation internet-architecture technology and accordingly is able to deliver genuine cost and business benefits.
The HelpDesk Pro solution is a full-featured 'engine' designed specifically for the Web. Even the databases are integrated, and no software 'driver' components or integration with any other software is required.

The HelpDesk Pro solution is accessed by your Clients and Operators from their web browsers - no other software is required on their computers - and the computers can be PCs or Macs - all modern web browsers are supported e.g. IE Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google's Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla.

Benefits of our HelpDesk Pro 'engine' technology:
The technology employed by HelpDesk Pro at the server-end has built-in cgiwrap to protect hosting providers, and built-in security so that users cannot access other parts of the web-sever, and it has low CPU needs. Hosting providers want to provide users with advanced capabilities but can only do so if the programs running on their servers do not burden their servers or their support staff.

And is supported by all of the popular browsers:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Interent Explorer
Supporting all version of MSIE

Mozilla Supporting Mozilla, Camino, Firefox, and all Mozilla-based browsers.

Supporting the Opera browser