Installation Details

HelpDesk Pro is a 100% web-based application
And this means, we host your copy of HelpDesk Pro on our servers, in our secure hosting environment and so there is nothing you need to install or do. HelpDesk Pro is a web application, and you and your staff access your copy via your standard web-browser - there is no software you need to install or worry about maintaining or backing up.
Following receipt of your purchase details we prepare your copy of the HelpDesk Pro application, including the integrated databases, and install it on our servers. We then test the application and notify you that the install is complete and you and your staff can login and begin using it.

A word about Proxy Servers If your organization has deployed one or more proxy servers within your IT infrastructure, these can cause problems for web applications. With HelpDesk Pro we want all page requests to go back to the origin server, and so you should ensure that the config file for any proxy/caching server is set for NOPROXY NOCACHE for our server domain[   OR] to achieve this. Ensure the settings are correct for your particular proxy server and setup.

HelpDesk Pro is compatible with all of the popular browsers, and operates on PCs and Apple computers with equal ease:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Interent Explorer
Supporting all version of MSIE

Mozilla Supporting Mozilla, Camino, Firefox, and all Mozilla-based browsers.

Supporting the Opera browser