Some Frequently Asked Questions,
about HelpDesk Pro...........

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1. Are there any limits to the number of Clients, or Operators, or Calls that can be created?

No limitation to the numbers of Support Call records that can be created, number of Clients and Operators limited only by the Plan option which you decide on - refer to the pricing page.

2. Are we able to have our logo on the HelpDesk Pro pages?

Yes, we will do this for you.

3. How do we get more SMS call credits?

Simply go here to purchase more.

4. Our company already has a client database, with most of our clients entered into it, can this be imported into the client database in HelpDesk Pro?

Technically yes, however we have, through experience, now ceased to offer this facility. We have found that it is more often than not more work to sort out and massage the results of the import than to have someone re-enter the data into the new data base. There is also the advantage of looking at this data afresh, and removing 'dead' and out-of-date information, and duplicates.

5. Do we have to obtain MYSQL or other database to link up with HelpDesk Pro?

No, as part of the fully integrated nature of this technology in the HelpDesk Pro application the databases (eight of them) are already part of the 'package' - there is nothing additional you need to purchase.

6. Why do we sometimes see the 'Restart' page come up after we've had an inactive period?

In order to keep the number of 'active sessions' to the minimum required, the technology senses when a user hasn't actually 'used' any part of the program i.e. moved from the current page he/she is on, for a considerable period of time - in fact they've probably walked away from their computer and gone to lunch. In these circumstances the application is smart enough to auto-logoff that user.

7. Do you offer discounts to Not-For-Profit or educational organizations?

Yes, we have discount offers on some product to schools and accredited not-for-profit organizations - contact us for further details. US organizations need to submit a request to us giving details of the nature of their operation and providing proof of IRS 501(c)3 registration status. What we do ask for in return for this special offer is that your web site contains a link back to us e.g. 'our HelpDesk powered by HelpDesk Pro' - we'll supply details for you.
Sorry, no discounts for universities or government organizations.

8. Can we export the data out of the database?

Yes, as simply as clicking on a menu option in the Admin area, the data in any of the DBs can be downloaded in .csv file format.

9. Do you back-up our data?

Yes, daily backups of your data are carried out.

10. What sort of 'up-time' can we expect if we get you to host?

You will experience very few outages - current 'up-time' is excellent and you can check server status, as well as what outages there have been for the previous years, by going here.

11. What support is offered, how much does it cost, how do we get it?

All support is included in the plan subscription cost (excluding any customization, special work, and the like).
Support is normally by way of e-mail, and most calls are responded to within eight hours.
Most users never require support after they're up and running due to the intuitive nature of the program.

12. What reporting functionality is included?

The defined reports are initiated by clicking on 'Reports' menu option of the application. You can view these in the on-line demo version anytime. Due to the large variance in client requirements, we are unlikely to agree to special custom report generation, however you can always export the Call records from the database at any time and use some external application to generate further reports.

13. What custom fields are there for us to use?

For the Call Ticket screens, there are 3 User-Definable fields that you can choose to make use of, or not. And these three fields can individually be labeled by you, and either made available to the end-user clients as well as the Operators, or you can choose just to have them visible to the Operators, for their use.
For the Asset facility, there are 25 User-Definable fields you can label yourself.

14. What other costs are there?


15. Can we use a Purchase Order and post a check for payment?

Yes - but the transaction process will take longer of course.
We use a different payments processor for the PO and paper check option - e-mail us and we'll be happy to explain the process and provide the link to the relevant page.

16. We are seeing the incorrect time stamped on Call Tickets - what's causing this?

There are three places that can affect the time.
1. Server GMT Offset in SysPrefs
2. GMT Offset in Group
3. GMT Offset in each Entity record
If the field in Entity hasn't been used/set, then the system will take what is in Group for that Entity - each Entity has a setting so that you can, if you wish, set a different time zone for a particular person - they might be in a different part of the country or the world. But, you don't have to set the time for each Entity, and if you don't, then the GMT offset for the Group they are in applies.
The GMT Offset for the server can be used as a master adjustment that will affect everyone -and so can be used for DST adjustment. To set this, go:
Admin/Sys Prefs - and scroll down to Server GMT Offset. Adjust plus or minus an hour or whatever to fix the error you are experiencing, then SAVE, and logout of the application, log back in and check the results by looking at the top status bar after you login - it shows the current System Time, and will time stamp Call Tickets etc. accordingly.

17. Our subscription ends soon, how do we go about the renewal?

Simple! Just go here:
Purchase Subscription Renewals
and scroll down to the appropriate version renewal for you.

18. Where can we read an explanation about the 'Privilege Levels' in the system?

Log in as an Operator, and click on the lefthand Menu option 'Help'.
In 'Help', choose 'Operator Topics' - 'Users(Entities)' - 'What are the Privilege Levels all about'.

19. We don't seem to be getting automatic e-mails from the system for a new Call Ticket.

The system generates automatic e-mails as follows: - When an 'end-user' client i.e. an Entity with 'Privilege' set at a level 1to4 generates a new Call Ticket, an automatic 'confirmation' e-mail is sent to them (only) to confirm receipt of their new Call ticket.

- These 'Confirmation' e-mails are not sent to an Operator level person if that Operator level person actually created a new Call Ticket, however if the Operator created a new Call ticket on behalf of an end-user level person, then that end-user client will receive a confirmation e-mail that will specifically indicate a new Ticket was created for them by an Operator.

- The system will generate an Alert e-mail for any new Call Ticket created by an 'end-user' client i.e. an Entity with 'Privilege' set at a level 1to4. These Alert response e-mails (and optionally a cell phone SMS) are sent to those individuals who are listed to receive them - each such person must be listed - to add or amend the list, go to 'Admin Area' - select 'Call Response Prefs'. Note that these Alert response e-mails and SMS messages are not triggered when it is an Operator level person that inititiates the new Call Ticket - the theory being that if it is an Operator level person creating a ticket, then it isn't necessary to alert other staff to that issue - the Operator should be able to handle it.

- Also be aware that the 'Alert' response e-mail and SMS system is Group based.
If you have configured more than ONE Group, then you need to be aware that people you want to receive these 'Alert' response e-mails need to be configured correctly.
To set up a new Alert/response person for a particular Group, you need to log in to the system and switch to the Group you want the new person to receive alerts about i.e. you need to be in that particular Group first, then go to 'Admin Area' - 'Call Response Prefs' and then create the new record for that person with his e-mail address etc. - that way he will be then configured to receive Alerts for particular Calls for that Group.
If you wanted a particular person to receive Alerts for more than one Group, then you will need to set up a Call response record for that person for each Group.